My kids love swimming with Ms. Hannah! They are now very comfortable in the water and have made huge strides in their swimming abilities. She does a great job of balancing fun and learning so that they enjoy the classes and become confident swimmers.

Kathryn, Sept 2013


Hannah has been an amazing swim teacher for my triplets this past summer. She somehow managed the impossible of doing lessons with just myself, her, and 3 toddlers. They love her and love swimmimg because of her!

Katie, Aug 2013


Hannah is a wonderful teacher that is patient and encouraging. My daughter wouldn't even get in the water at another swim school.  We started private lessons with Hannah and after just a few lessons, my daughter was confident in the water and was trying hard to learn everything Hannah was teaching her.  Now she can't wait for her lesson days. Thank you, Ms. Hannah!

Ann Michelle, Jun 2013


Hannah is very patient - especially with my reluctant child!  She took my son who was afraid to get his head wet and had him swimming underwater in less than 10 lessons! He now asks to swim daily because Miss Hannah showed him how much fun swimming could be.  Additionally, he fell into the deep end of the pool while playing on the edge and before I could get over to scoop him out, he swam back to the edge and climbed out unassisted.  It's that kind of peace of mind that I am deeply appreciative to Hannah for.

Rebcecca, Jun 2013


My daughter, Livy, started taking swim lessons with Miss Hannah at 7 months old.  Hannah is a wonderful teacher and it amazes me how much my baby has learned in the small amount of time she's been with Hannah.  I can't wait to watch her continue to develop her swim skills with Hannah!

Sandra, May 2013

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