Swim Lessons

All lessons are on your schedule. Never miss a class. No levels. No extended commitment. No fees.


Infant Swimming Lessons  $192 per 8 week course

Parent/infant lessons are a great way to bond with your new baby, starting at 8 weeks. There is constant communication through the use of keywords. We introduce submersion techniques in a safe and controlled manner, trusting the baby’s dive reflex. The lessons are fun, while promoting important water safety skills. Swimming can have physical, emotional, social and intellectual benefits for infants, and it’s a great way for you to meet other new parents!


Child Swimming Lessons $192 per 8 week course

Children of all abilities will learn and grow from a RGS course. We customize the curriculum as your child masters skills and is ready for new challenges. Our 1:3 coach to student ratio ensures every child can learn from observation and has plenty of time to practice skills each week. No stressful placement tests, no needing to wait to “graduate” to the next level. Just great exercise, new friends, and new techniques for safe water fun!


Private Swimming Lessons- $45 per 30 minute lesson

Our private lessons are a great option for anyone who expects to need extra time warming up to getting into the water or trying new things. These lessons are 1:1 with experienced instructors, and, like all our lessons, are scheduled based on your availability. We also have options for those more advanced students who want to improve on stroke definition and endurance!


Adult Swimming Lessons

We recognize that not every adult had the opportunity for swim lessons as a child. At Ready Go Swim, we offer a calm and relaxed environment for older students to start or continue their water safety and swim journey. Enjoy our heated, indoor pool for lessons year round. Meet other adults learning to swim in small group lessons, or get more specialized instruction in private lessons. It’s never too late to learn!

$192 per 8 week course or $45 per 30 minute private lesson


Special Needs: $45 per 30 minute private lesson

Our custom-built therapy pool is designed to accommodate everyone. It’s wheelchair-friendly and kept at a comfortable 88-90 degrees. We have experience working with special needs of all kinds, including people with autism, Down’s Syndrome and cerebral palsy, as well as deaf students and those who are visually impaired.

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