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Coach Hannah - Ready Go Swim

Owner, Coach Hannah

Hannah has been teaching infants and children of all abilities for more than a decade. Her career started in the UK with Swimbabies where she underwent intensive training and had a successful working career before relocating to the United States. Since coming across the pond, Hannah has continued her passion for teaching with summer lessons that eventually grew into what is now the Ready Go Swim school.

Hannah’s enthusiasm for introducing young children to the water started when she took her eldest son for his first underwater experience at 8 weeks old. She remembers the anxiety she had about placing her newborn underwater but after the 25 minute lesson, she could plainly see what a rewarding experience it had been for her son.

Hannah’s Philosophy:

My vision and goals are to educate parents about the importance of water survival and water safety, while providing water confidence and basic swim techniques.

Coach Darren - Ready Go Swim

Co-owner, Coach Darren

Born and raised in England, Darren swam his first non-stop two miles at the age of 14, and has been unstoppable ever since. Two years later he completed his first Open Water Triathlon, and has gone on to such accomplishments as the completion of a half Ironman in 2004. Since moving to the United States in 2007, Darren has stayed active, competing in triathlons, and spending time in the water teaching students of all ages and abilities. Darren is passionate about reducing the number of water-related accidents that occur in central Texas, citing professional training and education to “waterproof” babies!

Darren’s Philosophy:

Live to swim, swim to live.

Coach Adam - Ready Go Swim

Coach Adam

Adam began coaching 17 years ago with a passion for teaching young athletes to swim fast. His experience includes program management, writing workouts, athlete development and stroke mechanics. Adam's ability to train his swimmers technically has been a big part of his success.  He is an ASCA Level 4 swim coach having developed numerous State Champions and National qualifiers, and is the perfect match for swimmers looking to take their skills to the next level.

Adam is an Air Force veteran and a Round Rock native. He completed his undergraduate degree from Texas State in 2006 with a degree in Exercise Science. He currently lives in Austin with his wife Grace and his dog Amos.

Adam’s Philosophy:

A swimmer has to have fun to get it done. Fulfillment is the result of someone enjoying the work they put in.

Coach Baylin

Coach Baylin is known for his calm demeanor, but his students know he isn’t afraid to have fun! He believes his training from Ready Go Swim has supported his personal development as well as making him a better instructor. Baylin is currently studying Computer Programming at ACC and is planning to minor in Philosophy. When he isn’t improving his coding skills, he can be found listening to music, practicing archery, chasing his siblings around the house or playing video games with his brother.

Baylin’s Philosophy:

Baylin believes building up a student’s confidence is one of the most important things to teach while swimming.

Additional coaches include Gabe, Toby, Walker, Chloe, Sofia, Matthew, Michael, Addi and Rodrigo.

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