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Coach Hannah - Ready Go Swim

Owner, Coach Hannah

Hannah has been teaching infants and children of all abilities for more than a decade. Her career started in the UK with Swimbabies where she underwent intensive training and had a successful working career before relocating to the United States. Since coming across the pond, Hannah has continued her passion for teaching with summer lessons that eventually grew into what is now the Ready Go Swim school.

Hannah’s enthusiasm for introducing young children to the water started when she took her eldest son for his first underwater experience at 8 weeks old. She remembers the anxiety she had about placing her newborn underwater but after the 25 minute lesson, she could plainly see what a rewarding experience it had been for her son.

Hannah’s Philosophy:

My vision and goals are to educate parents about the importance of water survival and water safety, while providing water confidence and basic swim techniques.

Coach Darren - Ready Go Swim

Co-owner, Coach Darren

Born and raised in England, Darren swam his first non-stop two miles at the age of 14, and has been unstoppable ever since. Two years later he completed his first Open Water Triathlon, and has gone on to such accomplishments as the completion of a half Ironman in 2004. Since moving to the United States in 2007, Darren has stayed active, competing in triathlons, and spending time in the water teaching students of all ages and abilities. Darren is passionate about reducing the number of water-related accidents that occur in central Texas, citing professional training and education to “waterproof” babies!

Darren’s Philosophy:

Live to swim, swim to live.

Coach Adam - Ready Go Swim

Coach Adam

Adam began coaching 17 years ago with a passion for teaching young athletes to swim fast. His experience includes program management, writing workouts, athlete development and stroke mechanics. Adam's ability to train his swimmers technically has been a big part of his success.  He is an ASCA Level 4 swim coach having developed numerous State Champions and National qualifiers, and is the perfect match for swimmers looking to take their skills to the next level.

Adam is an Air Force veteran and a Round Rock native. He completed his undergraduate degree from Texas State in 2006 with a degree in Exercise Science. He currently lives in Austin with his wife Grace and his dog Amos.

Adam’s Philosophy:

A swimmer has to have fun to get it done. Fulfillment is the result of someone enjoying the work they put in.

Coach Dax - Ready Go Swim

Coach Dax

Coach Dax is a true fish! He grew up in Round Rock, swimming with the Lone Star Aquatics Club and Round Rock High School before attending the University of Texas. Dax’s collegiate swim career includes winning the team NCAA Championship in 2010 and three individual NCAA Championships in 2012. Internationally Dax has been ranked 38th in the world in the men’s 200 meter freestyle. His students are truly learning from a powerhouse! In his free time, Dax enjoys Austin’s live music scene, meeting new people, working out, and playing basketball.

Dax’s Philosophy:

Have fun, work hard and to keep it simple.  Swimming is easier than people realize and when you’re having fun learning you are able to accomplish things more quickly and have even more fun!

Coach Brendon
Coach Brendon spent most of his time growing up around water. Whether it was the pool, the lake, or the ocean he has always had a passion for the water. 
Coach Brendon competed in swimming at many different levels including summer league, high school, club, and college. He now serves as an Assistant Coach for Lone Star Aquatic Club and the Head Coach of the Tidal Waves Swim Team during the summer months. 
In 2015 Brendon graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Kinesiology. In his free time he enjoys spending time with wife and running with his dog by Town Lake.
Coach Brendon's philosophy:
Be creative and determined to improve your skills, combined with a fun learning environment is a recipe for success!

Coach Baylin

Coach Baylin is known for his calm demeanor, but his students know he isn’t afraid to have fun! He believes his training from Ready Go Swim has supported his personal development as well as making him a better instructor. Baylin is currently studying Computer Programming at ACC and is planning to minor in Philosophy. When he isn’t improving his coding skills, he can be found listening to music, practicing archery, chasing his siblings around the house or playing video games with his brother.

Baylin’s Philosophy:

Baylin believes building up a student’s confidence is one of the most important things to teach while swimming.

Coach Zoe

Zoe began swimming competitively at the age of 5 and hasn't left the water since! Apart from coaching at Ready Go Swim, Zoe also spends her summers instructing with the Forest Area Swim Team. In her free time she enjoys playing water polo, rock climbing, and trying new restaurants. Above all, Zoe loves spending time with each of her swimmers and helping inspire a lifelong passion for the water. Through games and engaging drills, Zoe introduces crucial water safety skills while ensuring her students are having fun every step of the way.

Zoe’s Philosophy:

Enjoying time in the pool is the first step towards developing a proper swimming technique.

Coach Sarah

Coach Sarah has a diverse background, as a wife, mother, an avid swimmer and an artist. She owns her own stationery design company which allows her to use her creativity on a daily basis. When Sarah first became a mom, she went through a great amount of anxiety. Taking swim lessons with her newborn son was a vital part of her healing process. Sarah has since made very purposeful decisions that allow her to work with and empower new moms and women in general. She is the perfect coach for new babies and their parents. Out of the water, Sarah likes to paint, workout, and spend lots of time with her family!

Sarah’s Philosophy:

Sarah strives to create a safe and nurturing space for parents of little ones.

Coach Sevana

Sevana has been swimming competitively since she was four years old! In addition to teaching at Ready, Go, Swim she has also taught swim lessons at her summer swim team and through the City of Round Rock. She enjoys reading, swimming, and water polo.

Sevana’s Philosophy:

Through use of repetition and fun learning games, Sevana believes that the process of learning to swim can become much easier.

Coach Maddie

Maddie has been swimming since she was four years old. She spent 13 years with Wells Branch Armada and four with the Cedar Ridge High School Swim team. Apart from teaching at Ready Go Swim, Maddie spends her summers Lifeguarding with Wells Branch MUD and spending time with friends.

Maddie’s Philosophy:

Maddie hopes to inspire kids to find the same passion for water that she has found!

Coach Audrey

Audrey Valim loves teaching kids--especially swimming!--and has done it for summer league as well as with Ready Go Swim. She has been swimming since she was 5 years old and has continued to spend time in the water throughout her high school. In her free time, she sleeps, plays basketball with her brothers, and of course, swims. She is a senior at Cedar Ridge High School and she is always ready to see how she can spread love and hope in her community.

Audrey’s Philosophy:

Audrey’s philosophy is to push students out of their comfort zone so they can achieve their full potential!

Coach Karlie

Karlie is a senior at Cedar Ridge High School. She has been an experienced swimmer for 15 years and a competitive swimmer for two. Aside from being CPR and first aid certified, she has had extensive training for 15+ hours side-by-side with veteran instructors through the Ready Go Swim program. Karlie swims for the high school swim team, plays water polo, and plays the violin for the top orchestra. She holds a high academic status as well. In her free time, Karlie enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Karlie’s Philosophy:

Safety comes first. Karlie believes that once a child completely understands and masters basic swimming form, then they can decide where to go next.

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