When are lessons available?

Everyone’s availability is different, so we customize our lesson times to meet your schedule. Contact [email protected] to start the process. She’ll inquire about the swimmer’s experience, age and availability, and offer times that meet your needs.

What are your class ratios?

Because our coaches customize skills practice for each child, we limit our class size to three children. For infants who are attending class with an adult, we limit five.

What if I have to miss a week?

We never charge you for missed lessons. When you begin, you’ll pay for eight weeks of  one lesson per week. If your child is sick or something comes up and you need to miss a week, your course “term” will go for nine weeks, instead of eight.

Who are the coaches?

Each coach comes to us from Lone Star Aquatics or Cedar Ridge High School Swim Team. They are hand-selected, interviewed and spend at least five hours in the pool with Hannah before being offered a position on the RGS team. We look for outgoing, friendly but firm individuals who are passionate about water safety and working with children.

Will my child have the same coach for every lesson?

Yes, barring illness or a request for a change in schedule made by your family.

What levels do you offer?

Ready Go Swim teaches children of all ages (starting at 8 weeks) and people of all abilities. We take a more custom approach to learning to swim. Every lesson utilizes key words and teaches vital skills like breath holding, strong kicks, proper body position, strong arms and floating on the back. The way to mastering these and additional skills is going to vary for each child, and our coaches are empowered to adjust lessons for individuals as they grow and advance.

What happens as my child masters skills?

Our coaches are equipped to add new skills to your child’s custom curriculum as they gain mastery. If you’d like to discuss moving your child to a new small group, starting private lessons, or making any other changes, contact [email protected] anytime.

Do you offer ISR (Infant Swim Rescue)?

While we recognize the purpose of this technique, our philosophy takes a more respectful and calm approach to teaching infants water safety.

Do you offer free trial lessons?

Always. We believe learning to swim should be fun and a perfect fit from our family to yours. Write [email protected] to schedule a free trial lesson and see what we’re all about.

What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

A comfortable swimsuit, a swim diaper for those not using the toilet independently, swim cap, towel and goggles. The rest of the toys and tools will be provided!

How long are lessons?

We have found that 30 minutes is the longest a child can focus on learning new swim skills in the water.

Will my child get cold during winter swim lessons?

Our brand new pool is heated year-round to therapy-grade standard, between 88 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you require a year-long commitment?

Never. We understand that life get busy, priorities, schedules and budgets change. You’ll sign up for one 8-week session at a time, at a time that works best for you. No penalties, no hidden fees.

Do you offer referral discounts?

Yes! If you’re a current RGS student, and know someone who would like to start lessons with us, email [email protected] for details.

How is Ready Go Swim so affordable?

We are a family-run business with the strong belief that everyone should be able to swim and enjoy the water. As parents, we understand that activities can get prohibitively expensive, very quickly. For that reason, we keep our costs low by sharing our new pool with our community, and pass the savings onto our students and families.

Is there a registration fee?


Who uses the pool?

Our brand new facility is first and foremost for Ready Go Swim lessons. We do lease some time and space to the adjacent therapy center, as we believe in the therapeutic value of water and swimming for all. In addition, we will be offering new community-based water activities in the future.

What are underwater photos?

Ready Go Swim is proud to offer underwater photos to document every student’s progress and love for the water. Scheduled quarterly, these custom photo shoots are fun for the whole family, and are a great twist on the traditional holiday group photo! For $40, you’ll get 4-5 great photos to use as you wish.  

What does it mean to be an ASCA member?

The American Swimming Coaches Association is a professional service organization dedicated to creating and enhancing progressive and highly visible programs that are effective in strengthening and improving the coaching profession and building a stronger swimming community. It also means that RGS is willing to be examined and certified by an independent agency (ASCA).

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