About Us

To enable every member of every family, regardless of age or ability, access to basic water safety techniques, and the joy of swimming.


The School

At Ready Go Swim, students get a tailored curriculum on a customized schedule, starting as young as 8 weeks, up to age 80 and beyond. Each swim student is placed in a small group of their peers, and is taught swim skills by a passionate and professional coach. Our swim lessons are designed to be fun and educational, with a focus on respect and water safety.

We’re a family-owned business, local to Round Rock by way of England, with a strong community focus and passion for providing the opportunity to swim to anyone who wants it. Our unique curriculum uses keywords to prepare kids of all ages for skills from big kicks and blowing bubbles to full submersions. “Ready? Go!” prepares our students to take a deep breath and hold it as they dive for rings, practice a new stroke, or reach and kick for the outstretched hands of their trusted coach.

Living in Texas, where pools are all around, we believe everyone should have basic water safety skills and our courses are designed to give peace of mind.


The Pool

After leasing and borrowing pools from other locations over the past four years, Hannah knew her vision for Ready Go Swim needed its own space to grow and thrive. When she got the opportunity to partner with Reavis Rehab and create a space for the Round Rock, Georgetown and Leander communities to learn water safety and swim lessons, she jumped on it. The brand new pool will be consistently kept at comfortable and therapy-level temperatures. It will be accessible for all, and feature spotless decks, and great seats for families to watch as their students practice and master new skills, week after week.

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