Teaching Infant water safety & Swimming in Austin TX.


My name is Hannah and I have been teaching Infants and children of all abilities for 12yrs.  My career started in the UK with Swimbabies where I underwent intensive training and had a successful working career for 5yrs before relocating to the USA.  Since relocating, I have continued my passion for teaching through the summer months giving many children the rewarding experience of being confident and safe in the water.


My enthusiasm started when I took my eldest for his first underwater experience at 8 weeks old.  As all first time parents will know I was anxious about placing an infant underwater at such an early age but after 25mins of being in the water I realized what a rewarding experience my son had encountered.


My vision and goals are to educate parents about the importance of water survival and water safety techniques, plus providing initial water confidence and basic swim techniques.  This will provide excellent start for more advanced training.

What We Do

We offer you an essential water safety course for infants as young as 8 weeks old.  Placing newborn infants into the water has been occurring for centuries and is possible due to infants having a natural reflex (dive reflex) that enables them to hold their breath under water.


The lessons are designed to be fun and educational whilst promoting important water safety skills for you and your infant. Submersion reinforces an infant’s natural affinity to water and the skills learned by you and your infant could prevent a life-threatening situation in or near water.


Parents find swimming with their infants strengthens the bonding process as it enables them to spend quality time with them. Dads especially comment on this as they sometimes only see their infants sleeping or feeding after a hard long day earning the bucks! Mothers who have a difficult birth or who are suffering from the post natal blues, it can be a truly enriching experience.


Swimming can have physical, emotional and intellectual benefits for infants. Many parents have commented on the fact that their swimming infants are stronger, feed and sleep easier and develop word association skills early on. ReadyGoSwim courses are also great for socialization.


Living in the state of Texas, where pools are all around, parents should have the basic water safety skills and so our courses are designed to give you these with the option to progress thru all 8 water safety levels. Upon taking the 'plunge' we will assess your infant’s abilities and place them in the most suitable level.



What do I need to bring to my lessons?

Swimsuit, Goggles, Towel

The Pool

Reavis Rehab Center

1250 South AW.Grimes Blvd

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The Office

Hannah Collishaw

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